Part I Beauty of the world Kbm kbm United Kingdom Installation Size: 0.4 H x 0.4 W x 393.7 in

Installation: Mixed Media on Canvas.

Size: 0.4 H x 0.4 W x 393.7 in

Apple's location opened in Grand Central design at 10 a.m. today — and if not for the inevitable hordes of frenzied shoppers that descended upon it, the 23,000-square-foot shop could have gone unnoticed by busy commuters. That's because, unlike with the tech juggernaut's celebrated glass-box outlets around the world, here the retail operation was designed to disappear into its surroundings. Io beauty of world.Part I Beauty of the world. PVT Collection: Beauty of the world that we lost. As i lost my origines. Yes, my orgines, my orgines that they yes black. Black as how is my Art. Is a black African Art of human civilisations culture and arts of io as beauty of my origines foundations....... it goes back to my origines of life of what my identity is an identity of art civilization research of the world the world of art culture and languagues –where i wanted to explore myself and my art is where i wanted to use to modernise views theories and researchs on this is medium to access to every body in real or sureal expression of ways of communincations that is opposit to we know protected unicque on its beauty itself. i wanted to keep in custody of this for my self as bit independent from any historical charles did this together with me in custody culture my culture and art lanagugaesi wanted explore with you from its orgines of islam chines of it is humaness. A human orgines mine that is of life in world in the world of art of black african art and asset civilizations for his history culture and narrative expressions in art of the human being and the black art.
International online film and video festival - V edition permitted to me

I always question my Research and theory methods and some point get back to them as like my notes my sketchs within the arts by
“An interview of thoughts and an exchange of ideas, culture and vision”
KBM, 1900 a.c- 1973, 2001-2011
What is art theory to me?
“ To me there no barriers of differentiations between of the two species and so on I believe because there is a creator, that created of this two figures the male and women. I believe it has been created by somebody who is an entity, an entity who is divine, who is God.”
To begin with, something we all agree that is based on this definition of art and its theory.
If different, then this theory I believe may be solely my own interpretation of history, philosophy and culture..For me I wanted this medium in order to express it rather than a designed work or painted and photographed. I wanted a Video: film art that has a reality, a reality that it could mixed with beauty and has time to express a form of art. An Installation: an installation that Both Bourriaud and Bishop claim that art of the 1990s goes beyond previous art, in breaking down the barrier between the viewer and the work of art and bringing art into life. Bishop argues, for example, that installation art is something quite unique in the history of art. Indeed, she claims that installation is a revolutionary new form of art that transcends just about every other mode of fine art production one might think of. Her tack is evident when she asserts that: Installation art differs from traditional media , (sculpture, painting, photography, video), in that it addresses the viewer directly as a literal presence in the space, installation art presupposes an embodied viewer whose senses of touch, smell and sound are as heightened as their sense of vision.(Bishop 2005: 6) But if one piece gives its effects as art that are completed if played with and manipulated to find results. That is why I believe is what I have achieved by creating this artwork in frame rather than a picture it could stand for a new generation of new arts, not only about advertising and films to beauty reality and time. But this is about researching, filming, shooting, and editing is about Cinematography and Editorials, media arts. It is live art work and communicates time.It could considered for a project that is of real life, a real life that is not what you experienced visually, to guide the audience to beauty and communicate feeling. It is a whole. It is about society, gender, culture, language, music and creativity to express a new art form of expression such as an Installation. Let us say it is a piece of art cinematography and editing manipulation. As Cocteau said, “A director who does not edit his own film, allows himself to be translated into a foreign tongue”. The aesthetic potential of editing became evident very early in the development of film editing history. Eisenstein advanced the theory of montage even further, looking for ways of using the medium of film as a tool of socio-political propaganda. German expressionists experimented with expressive montage in films like “Nosferatu”. Citizen Kane, can be said in my opinion, to have polished existing montage techniques. Using the help of advancements in technology and the expertise of his camera man. Orson Welles introduced in my opinion an unsurpassed aesthetic, using deep focus camera angles, long takes, and enhanced sound techniques. . This article analyses the effects of this canon of regulations on current film production and culture. An example of such a rule the order and architectural composition of the “establishing shot” which is meant to begin a sequence followed by the medium shot for more involvement and followed by the close-up for intimacy. There seems to be room only for one kind of montage in the mainstream, invisible montage, the kind that allows for maximum suspension of disbelief. The cut is meant to advance the story without drawing any attention to it, and without disturbing the story, with surprise kept to a minimum. More creative and expressive types of montage found a home in advertising. The tools necessary for the creation of art are. Bunuel’s Viridiana, is paralleled in the structuring of the modern novel. In contrast to the canon rules, rebels favour “direct cuts” for “subsequent scenes (increasing disorientation and space-time compression) or using them for non-conventional, creative purpose”. Rebels instead, use direct cuts to “shock” the viewer into new time and space. In these quotes the image is presented as an archetypal, historical and anthropological reference of human evolution. My favourite quote is the following: “The task and responsibility of artists (and I am referring to such a task in an inclusive rather than exclusive way) is by means of their work, to observe, reflect, and comment upon the times in which they live. It is one of the tasks of today’s artist to make visible the invisible side of the image.” To achieve arts up on based of what I have mentioned on top to the definition of art cinema and philosophy to share and exchange some of our philosophy! To know each other, to know our philosophy, I have created an innovation. A product that consists of mixing arts with medium video, an art video that expresses instead of the beauty of painting, beauty of reality and time. Totally complete within itself and all three theories of art in its development. It has been a research of elements symbols along all this time of my life until I became self taught an educated producer artist and writer

Keywords: Mixed Media, Pop art, world culture, kbm, installation

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