The wonder tree of life Kbm kbm United Kingdom Sculpture Size: 1.1 H x 1.1 W x 1 in

Sculpture: Environmental on Other.

Size: 1.1 H x 1.1 W x 1 in

It is a set decoration made for myself or my pictures film sets decorations whether you like or not ...sometime like to use my hands. It is the tree of wonder that I wanted to create with this sculpture of exotic lemons that creates the tree of life of identity race and art and languages of culture of wonder when seen it look at it perhaps. The tree of real nature of a lonely human being in his life in paradise not in earth because in earth there has not such sublime beauty light colours with decoration of love and hate for life after thrown away the past power in his life happiness was awarded for him and joy and beauty expression for Mediterranean’s when he sees back in his life what he lost what he had and had not how he suffered in poor life that is a celebration. With sculpture you have a celebration of happiness. A real sculpture decorated and has grown and matures in her journey of life.

The wonder tree of life,,, kbm2012

Keywords: decoration set, sculpture, tree of life, kbm, art

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