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KBM is a British producer, artist and writer. Based in UK, US, Europe and Middle East Dubai. As an artist Kbm. 4th January 1973. He is 42 now. He is son of a president, business and ambassador. Grown up and educated in Europe and United State at contrary of his African Origins because of the family who will immigrate in Italy in 1982 before the war in Somalia an a State of alter internationally development at that time.

Before of this, chronologically before the family emigrated dispersed in the world in United State, Europe and Middle East after the loss of family specially the father to his death Mr Giafer Mohamed Beder Assistants and co- founder of presidency of Siad Barre politics practice and policies in Somalia in 1993 They obtain international refuge with United Nation and Secretary Council in United States offers them refuge and in United Kingdom Subsequently after few year he will be coming to settle in 1990 in UK alone before the death of his father. KBM is educated to graduation level in linguistic and culture Arts and Media productions. He will pass his A-level he studies Languages: Specializing in English Language afterward when he understands its internationalities and before of this he always spoke Italian Language. He grows up as Bilingual in beginning he lives in Europe, Italy, and Bologna most of childhood until age of maturity at age of 25 years.

KBM since young considered a creative and genius. At academic period and after he resides in Europe he studies French in Paris and art where with all the desire to be an artist he become graduate and art-fashion practises at Academy des Ecole’ in Paris against the family desire who wants him to be International management in Politics and Economy. He move back to Italy where unable find employment hard time without the support of the family. He opens and creates the label “Marilyn design”. An Innovative label and store where it was sold his creations that few people with perceive his talent for art and creativity unfortunately at that time with a friend who dies after afterwards because of a an accident by car who will affect the artist future life in pain and search of another soul similar to him where he will never replace with another person in life. Probably since to date in search of a soul mate. Closed because of unknown reasons and much of debt that he had to abandon his creativity for a while where he culturally wasn’t fully understandable.

Then at this time he exhibits his first solo exhibition of a presentation of a portfolio of painting photography subjects and a small design sketch while was academic at Luigi Gallery in 1990 at age of 25 year old self funded with his saving. Unfortunately unsuccessful at time

In here the producer he come contact the Italian national art world especially with emerging new talents from Florence with Pitti exhibitions, Milan and New Yorker on all what was going with advertising and the controversial new artist who exhibited there and produced their own work from design art and culture such “l’uomo imagine” Mila and beginning of boom of advertising: Campaigns such Benetton with Professor Olivieri Toscani in Italy at that time. KBM is still now supporter of the academy of Fabric in Italy. He develops and grown artistically important knowledge in terms of narrative expression and his own style. KBM unable to fit culturally, racially and to be integrated creatively and artistically in Bologna Italy because its medieval cultural life without innovation opportunity to express ideas and create while the quality of life was always high the working class was all about and the Italian art classicism such as Giotto, Michelangelo ect. KBM was historically speaking part of Europe in these years still under changments politically and culturally after the 70th in 80th KBM was of this generation. A generation under this influences incapable of to have space for their life to build up his creativity and artistic life.

One of the few artists practioner of new media at that time computer generation IBM global power generations to first games first of new sound development of drum &bass genres in world music KBM collaborate and presents “Link project” in 2001 as assistant curator again in Bologna at time in that year when it was Capital of European City of Culture and gay movements were finding freedoms and acknowledgments across all Europe and when aware of differences between sex. A cultural Event Project that was generated innovation technology within music and arts with beginning of first installation and video arts in Europe. Not mentions in New York with photography and print already with artist such Maddy Rosenberg her beautiful black and white of New Your in 1979 photography and advertising. In here that the producer artist and writer consolidates his creativity coming across Creative Directors such as Sandra Berti in Milan and others in Italian art world.

He has a period of gap the artist for while he lives in United State before of those gaps than settling definitely in UK. He stays in State near to his parents and he is literally he is an unknown artist to American Art world. He goes back to Study further: Educations in languages and American culture in States where he finishes when he comes settle in UK.

In 2002 when lands in UK the artist is afflicted by several problem of integration and undesired life of emigrant that he conducted within his life He goes back to Study further: to finish Language: The English in here he discovers that his loved for media where he starts to study Educations languages media. He completes his studies. In this period the artist is still in research of art whether writing painting or recording a Video. While in England before to his definitely move to Scotland. While studying he creates a series of small project called “My Life” documented and edited by the artist some thoughts on poetry and erotic reviews for adult content desire to approach pornography but without result.

He will be unsuccessful with works also lucking finance and support to publish him in UK. He loses with works which will become unfoundable as minor operas as the short story called “Villa Commenda, N.50” and a series of radio script and advertising Scripts. In England he collaborated with a friendly station as radio presenter proposing Music such Electro and Lounge at its beginning in UK and in Brighton where he loved to live before moving again2004 He finally moves to Scotland a country which unknown to Artist but that he will never understands but he like here since to date he is in research of the original innovative and beautiful elements within the arts and culture and less more classicistic of works with different media approach but full of creativity significance and practices of elements that teach you something still where you can learn something when we look for art today! I believe…

In 2004 also he produced several small projects by his own researches and scripts for Media radio and advertising now as freelancer writer not published yet. While he working on an important project called “Omelia” that he produced wrote and directed. An Installation: an Installation of a video art in production not commissioned but that will be published and exhibited soon in UK. “Omlia” a small production of video art that the Artist producer and writer want to give in charity to the public and to an organisations. “Omlia” produced who was recorded in Scotland represent a research of routine that we live on it in our real life without we realise that we do same things every time produced wrote it and directed “Omelia” will now an interconnection of development of the artist between his career development and what he is as an artist now 2008 as world class artist.

In 2005 He put in practice his method of research on online media as freelancer writer for an American Company such Whitney Museum of American Arts. He wrote several articles to different clients but on 3 articles he published of 2 in United State in New York. His last research an online article and an interview with artist Ellen Gallagher artist based in New York touring in Europe for her digital media compositions to represent beauty which was in 2004 in Scotland Fruit market gallery.

There is to be said to understand his art. The artist is an individual who is uncovered form in origins and culture and educations in childhood. He is a communicator of all mediums. Only after his unstable childhood his maturity to approach arts he becomes interested in Culture, bilingualism and practices of Art form: Visual art video and film and writing, He uses different media to reach to his audience bringing out surreal reality and beauty. His Ideology in his art life is not only to describe and narrate events, showing icons. KMB Fights to search for equilibrium between arts and reality and differences between reality and Visual art. Communicate to everybody. KBM is always has been a real innovative of time in abstract, Avantguard and visionary of predictions of what is the upcoming he says that he is lover of original. His ideology is also to fight and search for perfect sound and beauty in life, in Culture and within Arts. This why we see the artist production artistically influenced by beginning of his art practices classicism and old practices such still painting or photography same subject continue sly to find diversity and commons on representation.

Currently He is working on a project of photography: called Six month: that soon will be exhibited The differences of lights through our daylight and effects that this produces on sunset dawn on night and day on day by day changing colours, tone and image everyday.
Now in 2008 he has incoming exhibition and productions project to terminate his mission as a producer writer and artist races for life on human equality, on race and peace in world without racism, wars and starvation. He is currently part of United Nations together with sister who lives in Toronto. He travels between New York, Milan Dubai and Dar es Salaam for work. Although now he is based in Scotland: Glasgow UK and in England: London….