Burning Flames as Volcan in fire


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I felt it.. As if I was exploding like a volcano burning fire. Fire that takes on me as a burning flame as if sensation I felt when in love with somebody. That love as fire explodes like a volcano when meets its soul in on a deep level of that voice of subconscious questions of all time until it arrives to hit you in heart as all feeling or love in you all burns red fire and the dark interior entity. Maybe IO in my sensation that I wanted to give a new and different angle or maybe an innovation surreal expression about love and meaning of love for me. This what is it when fulfilled or maybe not to someone until you have that other half that completed you each other deeply 1-2-1 till you arrive to kiss each other as that fire deeply love with somebody is its representation of this installation of 2 edited cinematic clip digital editing that surreal flame of “red-oranges’” to clear red oranges”. An installation of two. The two piece of work of that artist uses to representation the flame expanding from the first one gradually till I increases when look at it. Then the second one interior sensation of burning “oranges” dark flame of his representations of love and being in love.

Keywords: abstract express, Mixed Media, world culture, kbm, installation