Otu Beauty by Kbm kbm United Kingdom


£1,400.00 GBP

Painting: Acrylic, Airbrush, Gesso, Ink and Tempera on Canvas, Cardboard and Paper.

Size: 7.9 H x 7.9 W x 7.9 in

View changes in natural forms. Lets look at this one behind the time how this has changed from its forms to burst of its natural colour in this hand painting by KBM to change its identity to its love to paint. The image is only because of search of beauty as how of the nature changes its colour in the seasons. As he sees from his back yard garden. Thinking of its every day life on improvement and development of its quality rather than only forms of expression on this painting when only the truth is rather all his thoughts are directed to only one final ends which form of OTU forms. OTU as how he sees human. Is that the human gets worse with the nature and their life. In this painting the artist reflects as mirror what really reflects in real human of what capable of and what is made of. He says I never liked damaging the nature of humand and their life of the nature . This it is an existing natural form of life as how the painting of this image of OTU edited and cut from his painting collections in order to expriment something new. Nevertheless he hates it! He say for him the Colour on painting should express forms of nature that should always is natural on photography otherwise there no point of beauty...........

Keywords: painting, fine art, conceptual, african art, kbm art