Peopless Kbm kbm United Kingdom

Peopless Kbm kbm United Kingdom

£1,000.00 GBP

Painting: Acrylic, Airbrush Spray and Gesso on Other.

Size: 1.6 H x 1.6 W x 1.6 in

Time from dawn darkness daylight serene. These images was taken opposite to those change times, Once in a time when was dark and come out the light as the human when changes for better from other. Light that suggests discovers change as an entity within and out of the dark and indicate a way of seen to different to way that was before and to unique new entity as arson discoveries sign within life of the producer. The light is a collection photography of the lights by producer artist and writer Kbm. An abstraction figurative conceptual and minimal and modern in some that the producer creation in this image and that is a construction narrative that expressed in changes of the Light from many perspectives known and unknown. Meaning of light that take you that is considered that considers it as change of something somethings new. Something that is different. Differences of elements that as significance show time equivalent to change and accordingly light changes within the time.

Keywords: fine art, street art, grafitti, kbm art, minimalism