Thought of semi delicious.

£500.00 GBP

Drawing: Digital, Black & White, Photogram and New Media on Canvas, Cardboard and Paper.

Drawing: Pencil, Digital and Marker on Other.

Lines shapes circles all part on my new collection that takes place at Saatchi. Thought of semi delicious. Which initially was complimentary that used to send to galleries proposal in the UK. Afterward I thought to added on my postage. Since when applying to galleries to add with my portfolio work on vision. In case if they were interested. No one and body replied for sure of them. All to those that I have applied has one. I have QUESTIONED once Did not get this? Or Whether could they have understood its production. I remember never had a reply. That I thought or whether they could have missed it or not understood and this was with time in 2001-2011. Its production is dated to the past since information technology developed to net ways of innovative of ways of seen challenges come to become real and life to what it was Art Media Media Arts and digitalism and The Digital Drawings of his stylus ANIMATION as his preferred painting to his pervert syndrome of his sickness of art drawing through hands lens and Hi-Technology to have the real expression of narratives compositions of beauty. A research that was looking at time support of originality and was looking for the new world of art that what I wanted to express in it. As first of everything that goes and come the life of the artist the writer and producer on the imagery.

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